Red River Gorge Guides

Red River Gorge Guides

Are you looking for a fun experience to share with friends and family? Look no further, you have found it! Try one of our guided activities in the Red River Gorge.

Our basic guided rock climbing and rappelling trips are a fantastic way to enjoy the area and set your adventurous spirit free. Find out why this area is one of the most popular climbing destinations in the world.

Would you like to try something different? Coming soon we will offer SUP Yoga / lessons and Recreational Tree Climbing.

Our Red River Gorge Guides have a mix of professional training and certifications, along with years of experience. We accommodate any experience level. All gear and equipment is included in the cost of the guided trip.

Guided experiences are available 7 days a week. Please contact us to reserve a day.  A 24-hour notice is preferred, but feel free to contact us for availability and we'll fit you in if possible.

Guided Climbing & Rappelling Trips

See What Rock Climbing Is All About With Red River Gorge Guides

Pre-requisites: none

Do you want to see what rock climbing and rappelling is all about and not learn the technical stuff? Sign up for a guided climbing/rappelling trip. Our guides will set up the ropes and belay you while you and your friends enjoy a day out in The Red River Gorge.

If you are interested in learning how to climb on your own or transition from climbing in the gym to climbing outdoors, sign up for one of our courses "Learn to Climb Course" or "Gym to Outdoor Transition Course"

1/2 to 1 day
1 to 6 people

Pre-requisites: none

This is an entry-level course for people with little or no rock climbing experience. You will learn knots, gear, terminology, belaying and rappelling. Also included will be simple rope set-ups and technique coaching.

This is a 2-day technical course which will teach you all of the beginner skills that you will need to know so you can climb safely outdoors.

Contact us to discuss booking a course, or with any questions you may have concerning  this activity.

2 days
1 to 4 people

Pre-requisites: Gym climbing experience

When climbing outdoors for the first time, let us help you make that transition to the crags with ease and confidence.  The focus is on safety, cleaning bolt anchors, rappelling, being lowered, belaying and leading theory.

This is an information intensive course.  2 consecutive half days are recommended over a full day.

Contact us to discuss booking a course.

Consider an additional half or full day of guided climbing to reinforce lessons learned.
1 to 4 people

Guided Climbing / Rappelling rates -

Rates are listed per person unless otherwise noted.

# in Group 1/2 day * Full day **
1 $130 $180
2 $90 $140
3 $80 $120
4 $75 $100
5 $70 $95
6 $65 $90

*Half day trips are up to 4.5 hours.

**Full day trips are 5 to 8 hours.

Are You Ready for Some Adventure with Red River Gorge Guides?

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SUP Yoga / Lessons

Try Something Different

Recreational Tree Climbing

Email Us to Find Out More

Some other suggested items:

insect repellent
hat and/or sunglasses
your own harness and climbing shoes (if you have them)
rain gear

Please DO NOT bring:

alcoholic beverages
lawn chairs
You should bring no more than you can comfortably carry in a small daypack.



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